Fondation Guignard


Karl Beaudelere self-portrait. Françoise Monnin from the Artension magazine. Hervé Courtaigne galery, Paris

Reopening of the MIAM, Sète (France)

Working session. Anne-Françoise Rouche

Michel Thévoz, Hervé di Rosa and Noëlig Le Roux

Jean-Baptiste Carobolante, MIAM-Antoine de Galbert scholarship winner

Visit of the Comics Museum, Basel (Switzerland)

Marcel Schmitz and Thierry van Hasselt, authors of Frandisco, la S project


Anette Gehrig, director and Michel Thévoz

Katia Furter and Anette Gehrig

Discovering works offerted to la CAB by la S

Jean Leclerq's drawing

Justine Müllers

Joseph Lambert's drawing

2020-2021 awards. Ferme des Tilleuls, Renens (Switzerland) and Pierre Aebischer's exhibition

Joe Boehler and Pierre Aebischer

Andrée Guignard and Pierre Aebischer

Anne-Françoise Rouche, director of la S

Andrée Guignard and Karl Beaudelere

Karl Beaudelere

Dismantling. Pascale Jeanneret (CAB) will check the state of each panel

Setting up Aebischer's exhibition. Ferme des Tilleuls, Renens (Switzerland)

Panel assembly plan

Valentine Schopfer, panel restorer and Melchior Jacquiéroz from la Ferme des Tilleuls

Pierre Aebischer ©Mario del Curto

Discovering the restoration of the pannels carried out by Valentine Schopfer

Detail of a panel

Exhibition Jean Hippolyte Guignard. Château de Nyon (Switzerland)