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2023 — The « S » Grand Atelier

The "Kermesse"

In 2018, La "S" Grand Atelier organised a weekend event in Wielsalm, bringing together amateurs, professionals, artists, partners, residents' families and residents of the town and surrounding area. In 2023, the 'S' community is repeating the event in the form of a fair.

On 16 and 17 September, the "S" will pay tribute to the fairground arts with an exhibition, installations, concerts, videos, a 3D digital film, performances and street theatre. Permanent resident artists with mental disabilities, workshop leaders and contemporary artists invited for residencies are all taking part. In this project, everyone puts their skills and energy at the service of the community. It's also a way of celebrating this collective intelligence at the service of all its creators, whether raw or contemporary.

The Fondation Guignard is supporting the renewal of the lighting in the exhibition rooms and the acquisition of video projection and sound broadcasting equipment.

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